Mobile scaffold tower at the Wiehltalbrücke.

Located along the highway A4 is the Wiehltalbrücke. Reconstruction work on this bridge was started in 2011.

Since setting up scaffolds along the entire length of the bridge would have been challenging, mobile scaffold towers were utilized for this restoration.

These mobile scaffold towers were manufactured from laminated steel sections with a width of approximately 4 m and a range of approximately 24 m. Mobility of the scaffolds was provided by utilizing Mannesmann Demag chassis suspensions

A unique challenge was posed by the fact that the mobile scaffolds had to be maneuvered past the bridges pillars, which were spaced approximately 100 m apart.

For this purpose, the lower platforms were equipped with hinges that allowed for folding of the platforms, thus allowing them to move past the brigde pillars.

Expanded mobile scaffold tower


Expanded mobile scaffold tower